Max Tool is a company from Brescia founded in 1997 by the two partners and brothers Mauro and Marco Fusi.

It was initially founded to merely trade tools for the mechanical industry and moulds, but in 2000, the Fusi brothers invest in the creation of the first production department, in order to adapt their offer to the different and growing needs of customers.

Over the years, Max Tool specializes in the construction of solid carbide tools, creating the line of tools marketed under the brand FUXA.

Inauguration of the new headquarters, over three floors.




Max Tool modernizes its headquarters. Through the use of advanced technologies, it expands its production line becoming increasingly competitive and attentive to customer problems.

The new line of solid carbide cutters for mould makers is launched: 4M.


In all these years, competence and professionalism have allowed Max Tool to expand both in the national and international market: today MaxTool is a complete company with a production and a technical department that guarantee a quality service to the customers.

In 2017 the company participates as an exhibitor at the MECSPE fair in Parma.


Opera nel campo delle attrezzature meccaniche, produce e fornisce utensili delle maggiori qualificate case costruttici con sede in Italia ed all'estero - sia per l'industria meccanica che degli stampi.

Alta qualità nella gamma di prodotti trattati, servizi erogati in base alle esigenze dei clienti, tecnologia sofisticata per realizzare prodotti di alta qualità e garantire prezzi competitivi, sono solo alcuni dei plus di Max Tool.

It operates in the field of mechanical equipment, produces and supplies tools of the leading qualified manufacturers with offices in Italy and abroad - both for the mechanical and mould industry.

Range of high quality products, provided services based on customer needs, sophisticated technology to produce high quality products and allowing competitive prices, are just some of Max Tool's plus values.

Max Tool di Fusi Mauro & Marco srl

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